Signature drinks

MAJA (màya) in Estonian: home 12.00 Bison grass vodka, lemon juice, sugar, almond milk*,demi-brut apple cider, cinnamon Homely and familiar as an apple pie enjoyed at home in frontof the fireplace.

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KOMIN (kawmin) in Polish: chimney 16.00 Scotch whisky, Stauning Durious Danish whiskey, Mastika, smoked birch spirit, bitters, burnt lemon peel and sugar crusta, beech smoke – Wood, smoke, ash, embers. Sweet and smoky, this Old Fashionedwill fill your nose, mouth, and chest.

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JOKI (yökee) in Finnish: river 15.00 Norwegian Aquavit, Pommeau de Normandie, apple brandy, rhubarb liquor, olive bitters – Part sweet and fruity, part sapid and aromatic.A bittersweet river that will flow smoothly on your tongue.

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WALD (valt) in German: woods 14.00 Earth and mushrooms infused vodka, fresh raspberries, Mastika, quinine liquor, mugo pine liquor, pine buds syrup, spruce essence– Fresh, balsamic, fruity, mineral, like stepping in the woods.

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GRÆS (gràas) in Danish: grass 12.00 Gin, lime juice, sugar, gentian liquor, coriander bitter,wild chamomile flavored glass, hay– A classic gimlet but with bitter, herby, balsamic notes.

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Земля ZEMLYA (zemleah) in Russian: earth 13.00 Beetroot, rhubarb liquor, horseradish distillate, tequila, chicory coffee and muscovado sugar crusta– A classic bitter Italian aperitif transported into Baltic territories.Earthy, dense, and tasty.

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