Empirical canned flavours

Founded by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, ex chefs at the Noma in Copenaghen, Empirical “distills flavours”. The result of a vast reasearch on raw materials, flavours, and production techniques, their products are unique and uncategorizable.

CAN 02 (33 cl, 8%) 12.00 Walnut wood, sour cherries, green pine cones, black currant buds, Maqaw pepper Insipired by fruity, barrel aged beers it’s produced from a pine cone kombucha. Fruity, woody, and balsamic.

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CAN 01 (33 cl, 10%) 12.00 Pomelo, Oolong tea, toasted birch, gooseberry Ispired by the Argentinian tradition of drinking vermouth with pomelo soda. Sour and floral.

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